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Open for Submissions!

As of June 2021, we will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

Future issues of TTS will be digital editions only. We will do a "Best Of" print issue once a year.

We accept work by lesbian women only. We want to hear about your life, your feelings, your stories, and would LOVE to see more lesbian fiction, flash fiction, ghost stories, poems about nature and gardens, mysteries, humour, fantasy, and more! 

We are a feminist journal and we want to see work by, for, and about lesbians.


Please read the guidelines below carefully:

You can submit by filling in the form HERE. Please allow up to 6 months for a response.

Make sure that you double-check the work that you send to us as we do not accept adjustments or edits.

We suggest running your work through Grammarly prior to sending, to make sure the spelling and grammar are correct. We will not be changing anything, including updating bios.  

Submissions should be typed in easy-to-read fonts, such as Times New Roman or Ariel. 

​We accept simultaneous submissions. (Please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere).​ 

We accept previously published work, though we ask that you let us know where it was first published so that we can credit the original publisher.

We highly encourage women of all ages to submit, particularly women over 50!

We will not accept works that include the following themes:  religion, homophobia, violence towards women, children or animals, erotica or pornographic texts. If you have work that may be considered offensive, please note the details of this in your cover letter.

If you clearly do not read our guidelines, we reserve the right to delete your submission with no response.


We love all forms of poetry including free verse, long-form, haiku, well-crafted rhyming poetry, ekphrastic poetry and experimental poetry.


Please send 1-3 poems in a single document. Doc/Docx only.


Fiction/Flash Fiction

We accept literary fiction, comedy/humour, horror, (no gore please) paranormal, speculative, fantasy, magical realism, crime, mystery, detective stories and lesfic (150-2,000 words).

Submit up to 2 pieces. Doc/Docx only.


Creative nonfiction, true stories, book reviews, movie reviews, and interviews with famous or interesting lesbians.

Submit up to 2 pieces of non-fiction (up to 2,000 words). Doc/Docx only.

















Elizabeth Pywell

Lucia Larson

Edith Pretty

Rachael Gay

Serena Piccoli




Please note: Although we fully and wholeheartedly support, accept and love all identities of our LGBTQ+ family, at this time we are only accepting work from lesbians for the Tipping the Scales Journal. If you are a woman and a lesbian, we want to see your work! Please see our She Speaks section where we encourage ALL women to submit. If you are in a marginalized group, we would especially LOVE to see your work. 

You can submit by filling in the form HERE.


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